The Cleveland Federation of Dance Clubs is a non-profit conglomerate of sixteen dance clubs in the Greater Cleveland area.  We provide an interface for an exchange of ideas and fellowship between area clubs and dancers, as well as with other federations in Ohio and Internationally. (Yes! Square Dancing is a worldwide activity with calls always in English.)  We welcome all who wish to learn and preserve America’s National Folkdance.
Greater Cleveland Federation of Dance Clubs Inc. It is a known fact that exercise and social activity are key contributing factors to a long life. Square dancing offers both in abundance. People are always surprised when they see how America*s National Dance has changed.  Today's dancers move to modern music, meet in air-conditioned schools and recreation halls, and come from all walks of life. A pleasant mix of Country, Classic Rock, Top 40, Latin, and "Oldies" is used at most Square Dances today.
   Square dancing traces its ancestry to many early English and French dances, including reels, quadrille and contra dances. In the United States, folk dancing evolved into the New England Country Dance, which eventually became the Eastern Square Dance, and the Appalachian Mountain Dance, which became the Western Square Dance. Henry Ford was an avid square and round dancer and built a dance hall for his employees. Ford, together with Benjamin Lovett, published the book "Good Morning" in 1926 that popularized these dances. The book "Cowboy Dances" by Lloyd Shaw ¯ šõ
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