In 1996, with some uncertainty, I was thrust into the world of square dancing when my then-husband, Milton, decided he would play a joke and left a message for Brecksville Squares of a senior citizen i need of some physical activity. Cheryl Storgard, Brecksville’s President, called and asked for the senior citizen in the house. (I was 37 at the time.) Milton handed the phone to me with a smirk on his face. Cheryl informed me of their lessons and I, with my own devilish grin on my face, stated that “WE” would love to come, much to the chagrin of my prankster husband.

I immediately loved learning to square dance. Milton, no so much. We graduated in 1997 and became members of Brecksville Squares. We even “angeled” some in the next year, but Milton soon lost interest in dancing after attending an “All Caller Special” and breaking down the squares a bit too much.

I would love to say that I kept dancing when he quit, but sadly I didn’t.  UNTIL . . . after much prompting from Rose Gelman and Rita Lambert of Broken Wheel Square Dance Club, I became a re-tread in 2009, taking lessons again and joining the club.  It has been awesome rejoining the square dance family.

I have been an active Cleveland Federation Representative for the past 6 years and was Federation Treasurer for two years.  I am the immediate past president of Broken Wheels Squares, serving in that capacity from 2015-2017.  I am currently serving as Class Coordinator and Recruitment Chair for our lessons and as Alternate Federation Rep.

I have assisted with several Ohio State  Conventions and three National Conventions where most recently I was the “Director Of The Showcase of Ideas” at the 66th NSDC in Cincinnati, June 2017.  It has been my pleasure to serve the members of my club and the square dance community.  Thank you for this nomination. I am truly touched by your kindness.